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PowerBuilderTV has had a number of illustrious PowerBuilder developers over the years. In this section, find a list of PowerBuilder experts and the webinars they have presented.

Alex Pratt

Alex Pratt is a senior technical consultant at Sybase, having worked there for more than 10 years ago. His expertise covers a wide spectrum, from development tools and design databases. Over the past two years, Alex has specialized in the field of design of architectural models and has been involved in major PowerAMC deployment projects.


Armeen Mazda

Armeen is CEO & President of Appeon Corporation. He has worked with PB technologies since 2000 and has served various roles in Appeon. He is a graduate of the Haas School of Business and holds 5 U.S. patents in the area of RIA technologies.

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Arthur Hefti

Arthur Hefti is CEO of CATsoft Development in Zurich. He has worked with PowerBuilder since version 3 and taught dozens of PowerBuilder training classes. He and his team create custom-made applications that often make use of Web Services, XML and encryption.

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Bassam Tannouri

Bassam Tannouri is an It Consultant for Novalys.  He has been working with, and managing PowerBuilder projects for over 20 years.

Donald D. Clayton is Founder and President of Intertech Consulting, Inc., a Sybase Systems Integration Partner for over Seventeen years located in Houston, Texas.  Mr. Clayton is a PowerBuilder MVP and has been a frequent speaker at past TechWave conferences.  He is a Sybase Certified Developer and Instructor and has been working with, teaching, and managing PowerBuilder projects for over 20 years.

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Visual Expert

Visual Guard


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Brian Le Suer

Brian Le Suer,is the CEO of Zeenyx Software, Inc, a company dedicated to building next generation manual and automated testing solutions. He is a founding partner of Star Quality, a New England based firm specializing in consulting for SQA and automated testing. Brian served as Executive Vice President of R&D for Segue Software, where he played a key role in a successful IPO. His earlier career experience includes various roles as a SQA engineer, technical writer and technical trainer. He regularly contributes presentations and articles for various industry events and publications. He earned a Masters of Computer Science from the University of New Haven and a BA in English Literature from CCSU.

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