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PowerBuilder applications on mobile devices

Wednesday, July 13, 2016. 8:00 AM PST (Los Angeles) / 17H00 PM CET (Paris).

Dw-eXtreme develops presentation components based on the Powerbuilder datawindow control. These components use the presentation capabilities of the datawindow control to create complex graphical display components that not only allow you to view data in graphical formats but to interact with the data as well. These presentation components work on all types of mobile devices (ipads, mobile phones etc.)

Presenter: Buck Woolley

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015. 9:00 AM PST (Los Angeles) / 18H00 CET (Paris)

This session shares the real-life experience of a US software vendor in their quest to develop attractive and user-friendly mobile apps in PowerBuilder for their 400+ customer sites. This is a technical-focused session that illustrates how you can break the traditional client/server mold and develop apps that your users will love. You will see how to lay out the UI properly, incorporate new gestures, display large amounts of data in limited space, add new mobile-specific controls, integrate maps, make phone calls, and much more.

Presenter: Armeen Mazda

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015. 9:00 AM PST (Los Angeles) / 18H00 CET ( Paris)

Ryan Story will explore the process of developing, configuring, and deploying a legacy PowerBuilder app with Appeon Mobile that uses Mobilink/Ultralite technology to provide a consistent offline user experience. In addition, he will discuss other techniques to make applications match current mobile app design practices and provide the user a seamless experience. 

Presenter: Ryan Story 

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 9AM PDT (Los Angeles), 17:00 PM CET (Paris)

The PowerBuilder platform is notoriously deficient at automatic or declarative UI resizing. In this presentation, SAP Mentor Yakov Werde will explain and demonstrate 3 techniques you can apply to your Appeon Mobile applications to achieve consistent UI resizing across a range of mobile device displays.

Presenter: Yakov Werde


January 27, 2014 - at 6:00 PM CET (Paris) 9:00 AM PST (Los Angeles)

With the ever increasing drive to bring business applications to mobile users, and with the imminent release of Appeon Mobile version 2.0, it's important for PowerBuilder developers to jump on the wave and use their PowerBuilder skills to lead the way to application mobility.

In this webcast, SAP Mentor Yakov Werde will show you an elegant technique to extend an Appeon Mobile app's reach by using standard PowerScript objects together with custom URL schemes to integrate with other popular on-device apps.

Presenter: Yakov Werde


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Tuesday, September 24, 2013
at 9:00 AM PDT (Los Angeles) - 18h00 CET (Paris)

This presentation will explain the steps Filiberto Sosa followed to develop a mobile application from scratch with PowerBuilder and Appeon Mobile. Filiberto 's application uses a self-designed menu system developed with DataWindows that allows image integration and an improved interface for mobile devices. He will explain the structure of this application, used for Consultation Reports by company directors, to take inventory with a laser barcode scanner that communicates via Bluetooth to iOS devices. Finally we will discuss the expected changes he is planning to do in his application.

Presenter: Filiberto Sosa


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