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PowerBuilder applications on mobile devices

How to Install Appeon Mobile Beta 2

Thursday, March 14, 2013 
8:00am PST (Los Angeles) / 16:00 CET (Paris)

This live Webcast will walk you through the process of properly installing Appeon Mobile Beta 2 on a Windows 7 development machine. You will learn how to install .NET Framework 4, Microsoft IIS Server, and Appeon Mobile Beta 2. We will also highlight common configuration mistakes as well as how to properly configure your hotspot so your iPad or iPhone can connect to your local development machine. This will be followed by a Q&A session at the end. This session is highly recommended for those interested in trying Appeon Mobile beta or final release.

If you'd like to sign up for the Appeon Mobile Beta program, click here

Chris Pollach's SourceForge project for the new Beta2 compatible STD Foundation Classes and sample applications that he is using for testing

Presenter: Armeen Mazda


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Costruire apps iOS con PowerBuilder? E' semplice con Appeon Mobile!

Monday, February 25, 2013
7:00am PST (Los Angeles) / 16:00 CET (Rome)

Il lancio di Appeon Mobile rende finalmente concreto lo sviluppo mobile di applicativi PowerBuilder, in maniera semplice e veloce, e senza la necessità di fare ricorso ad ulteriori tecnologie.
Con Appeon Mobile si sfruttano i propri skills Powerbuilder, con le sofisticate caratteristiche di gestione dati che gli appartengono, per costruire apps complete e "data centriche" deployabili su qualsiasi dispositivo mobile dotato di sistema operativo iOS, Android, Windows Phone ecc.
Il webcast illustra le principali caratteristiche di questa tecnologia rivoluzionaria per lo sviluppo di soluzioni aziendali mobile, evidenziando inoltre le diverse possibilità che Appeon Mobile offre nella realizzazione di interfacce "user friendly", nonchè le problematiche connesse. Il tutto mostrando una app iOS esemplificativa, realizzata con PowerBuilder e Appeon Mobile, denominata: Genepesca Retail Solution.

Presenter: Luca Ferrante



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Appify Your UI: Designing a Mobile User Experience With PowerBuilder
Thursday, January 17, 2013
9:00am PST (Los Angeles) / 18:00 CET (Paris)

Ready to go mobile? With the arrival of Appeon Mobile, you can now leverage your PowerBuilder skills to build complete apps for a full range of mobile devices, from smartphones to iPads to full-fledged Tablet PCs. Mobile application development has never been easier or faster. Creating an engaging user experience, however, requires more than simply re-deploying your existing code for new target platforms.

Join Ronnie Po of Morpheon Corporation as he discusses design considerations and techniques for developing user-friendly mobile applications, and watch him demonstrate native mobile apps he has built using PowerBuilder and Appeon Mobile, including:

  • YouHoops, a mobile scorekeeping and scoreboard application for basketball games
  • ChartBase MA, an add-on to Morpheon’s signature ChartBase medical application

Interested in testing out Appeon Mobile? Register for the Beta Program.


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Appeon Mobile - Live Demo!

Thursday, November 8, 2012
9:00am PST (Los Angeles) / 18:00 CET (Paris)

Want to use PowerBuilder to build apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices? This presentation shows you how to leverage SAP Sybase PowerBuilder to rapidly build native mobile applications that will run on virtually any device or OS.
Learn about:
• Mobile SDK integration.
• Offline data access.
• Application provisioning and distribution.
Get answers to all your pressing technical questions, have a chance to register for the beta program, and learn about the product roadmap in this informative session.

Presenter: Armeen Mazda



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Appeon Mobile Sneak Peek 2012

Tuesday June 19th 2012 at 12:00 PM EST (New York) - 18h00 CET (Paris)

Please note:  This webinar demonstrates Appeon Mobile during its development phase in 2012, and therefore does not take into account the number of improvements since the webcast's broadcast, nor changes in the roadmap. If you would like a more recent webinar on Appeon Mobile, please refer to the Mobility section of PowerBuilderTV.

The first-ever mobility solution for the PowerBuilder community

There is a growing demand for accessibility on-the-go, and PowerBuilder applications need to be ready.

In order to meet this challenge, Appeon and Novalys will soon launch Appeon Mobile.

From the PowerBuilder IDE, Appeon Mobile will automatically generate native mobile applications for iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets. DataWindows, nested reports, and many rich PowerBuilder functionalities previously unimaginable on mobile devices will be at users’ fingertips.

This webinar will introduce a technology that will revolutionize mobile development for enterprise applications. You will discover Appeon Mobile’s main features, as well as its roadmap and licensing model. As usual with PowerBuilderTV Webcasts, you will have the possibility to ask questions directly to the presenter.

Presenter: Armeen Mazda


Click here to see the recorded webinar


Originally broadcast August 17 2010

Take PowerBuilder applications mobile with PocketBuilder. Put your PowerBuilder skills to use on mobile applications with PocketBuilder, the rapid application development tool for PocketPC and Windows Mobile


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