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SAP SQL Anywhere 17 - Monitoring and Tuning

Tuesday December 3, 2019  | at 10h30 EDT (New York) / 16H30 CET (Paris)

Join us on December 3rd to find out how to answer 3 frequently asked questions related to SQL Anywhere

  • Which database servers are currently available?
  • What is a database server doing?
  • Why is my database server slow?

To do this, our speaker will show you how to use 3 SQL Anywhere tools:

  • SQL Anywhere Monitor: an administration tool that provides you with information about the health and availability of SQL Anywhere resources (database servers, Mobilink Servers, server farms, etc.).
  • SQL Anywhere Cockpit: a database server monitoring tool that provides an up-to-date view of the availability, capacity, and performance of your database server. 
  • SQL Anywhere Profiler: a development and diagnostic tool that logs the DB activities and analyses performance issues to troubleshoot and tune your applications

Presenter: Luca CASAVOLA, SoftPI

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