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VHG-Tools Platform — PowerBuilder .NET, Expression Blend, Web, and Cloud

VHG-Tools Platform — PowerBuilder .NET, Expression Blend, Web, and Cloud

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012
9:00am PST (Los Angeles)/18H00 CET (Paris)

The VHG-Tools platform is an application environment based on the former Capital Architect program. The platform is developed in PowerBuilder .NET and is used to present several tools anywhere, any time. Capital Architect, now called Capital Simulator, is one of the tools integrated within this new platform. Last year, a session illustrated the implementation of the controls developed in Expression Blend within SAP Sybase PowerBuilder .NET, and showed how the application was mobilized on several platform-independent devices. This session shows the continued evolution of style, speed, mobility, and platform independency and covers several techniques:
• Multithreading.
• Custom-styling DataWindows with SAP Sybase PowerBuilder .NET using WPF “styles.”
• Customizing Expression Blend buttons.
• The integration of third-party control “amcharts.”
• SMS service (a plain and simple solution).
• .NET active directory user authentication.
• Browser integration.
• Web integration using Cloud Portal.

Presenter: Dimitri Joosten


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