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Automate the Tests of your Web UI

Thursday, September 12, 2019 | at 10:00 AM EDT (New York) / 16H00 CET (Paris)

This presentation will demonstrate AscentialTest, a comprehensive test automation solution for Web, .Net and PowerBuilder applications.

We will see how to simplify the test creation with a step-based approach, maximizing reusability and minimizing test maintenance.

After a high-level presentation, we will explore some of AscentialTest advanced features:

1. "Selectors", that simplify the selection of rows in a table to get, set or verify any value in this table.
2. Test Data management: instead of storing strings in spreadsheets, AscentialTest stores data in its repository, with the type required by test actions, including complex lists and records. Data tables are automatically generated from tests or build visually using a specialized editor.
3. Integration with TFS, Jira or Jenkins, for including automated tests in the lifecycle of your application, and optionally implementing continuous integration.

Presenter: Brian Le Suer - Zeenyx CEO 

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