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How to Migrate 7000 Objects in 180 PBLs from PowerBuilder Classic to PowerBuilder .NET

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012
9:00am PST (Los Angeles)/18H00 CET (Paris)

This session presents Turkcell’s project experiences, and discusses the migration process in technical detail. As of 2011, Turkcell — with its 64.8 million subscribers — is not only the leading telecommunications operator in Turkey, but also the third-largest GSM operator in Europe in terms of subscriber number. The company’s development team has been using PowerBuilder for more than 10 years, beginning with version 6.5 and currently is using version 12.5. Turkcell’s enterprise telecommunications application NEMS consists of 180 PBLs and more than 7000 objects that work with SAP Sybase ASE in more than 2000 tables as a native Windows application. There are 16 different modules under NEMS. Recently, Turkcell began an effort to migrate from PowerBuilder Classic to PowerBuilder .NET. Within this project, NEMS will be split into different targets creating separate native Windows applications for easy maintenance which then will be migrated to .NET. As an application of 180 PBLs, it is a difficult process to find and split the independent objects from others while considering base objects — such as PFC objects from which all DataWindows and Windows are inherited — and also common objects such as global functions. So far, Turkcell has migrated four of the 16 modules.

Presenter: Sonat Karakas



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