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Gantt Chart Planner — Consuming .NET Assemblies in PowerBuilder .NET

Gantt Chart Planner — Consuming .NET Assemblies in PowerBuilder .NET

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012
9:00am PST (Los Angeles)/18H00 CET (Paris)

Construction companies need an overview of their planning and work in progress. HBBSoft, a PowerBuilder .NET application, aims to achieve this purpose using Gantt and scheduling. The application is able to communicate with the Microsoft Exchange Calendar using Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS) to plan employees’ tasks immediately into the Outlook calendar. This presentation covers several techniques used in the HBBSoft application:
• .NET user authentication.
• Consuming Exchange Web Services to sync with Exchange Calendar.
• Custom Expression Blend toolbar.
• Integration of third-party Gantt and schedule controls.

Presenter: Dimitri Joosten


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