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PowerBuilderTV has had a number of illustrious PowerBuilder developers over the years. In this section, find a list of PowerBuilder experts and the webinars they have presented.

Filiberto Sosa has 19 years of experience in application development and started with PowerBuilder version 3.0

During this time, he has focused on the development of a comprehensive management system for a chain of shoe stores that include modules such as Point of Sale, Inventory Control, Purchasing, Distribution Centers and Finance.

Called ‘Sizes and Colors System’, it is used by 1,840 shoe stores in Mexico and Latin America. Customers using Sizes and Colors in 2012 sold 80 million pairs of shoes which correspond to 30% of Mexican consumers.

The system is 100% developed in PowerBuilder and migrated to the web with Appeon.

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George Mikhailovsky

George was born in Moscow, Russia in 1945. In 1995 moved to the United States(Virginia) and worked as Programmer and DBA. 

He has been used PowerBuilder starting from version 3.0 and up to 12.5 Classic. Now he is Principal System Analyst in mid-sized company CALIBRE in Alexandria, Virginia and uses PowerBuilder, MS SQLServer, ORACLE, ASP.NET, and JQuery-Mobile.

George has a wife Alla, 4 kids, and 8 grandkids.

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Gian Luca De Bonis, has been a software engineer for more than 20 years. He has worked as a developer, consultant, trainer and mentor, and led several international projects.

He is the creator of Enable for PowerBuilder, PBProtect, Customization Studio and other PB Solutions, and is currently Director and CTO of Enable Development LTD.

Find out more on:

Customization Studio


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Jim joined Microsoft in April 2008 after nearly 12 years working for Sybase in a support and sales consultant role for PowerBuilder and EAServer.

Jim is now a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft.  His overall mission is to engage with the development community in the area through user groups, code camps, Microsoft seminars and other 3rd party events. Over the past year Jim has been focusing on software development scenarios using cloud computing and Windows Azure.

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John Strano is a Sybase Technology Evangelist and is a charter member of TeamSybase. He has been using PowerBuilder since 1991 and has authored articles for multiple industry periodicals. John will be joined by several members of the Sybase family, but I’ll leave those introductions to him.

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Marco Meoni

Marco has been enthusiastic Powerbuilder developer since 1995. He is Appeon-certified, leading dozens of projects for converting PB applications to Web and Mobile architectures. He is invited speaker at regular events like PB World Tour and PB User Groups across Europe. He will be speaker at next Elevate 2017 conference. Marco is also actively involved in Research using Machine Learning techniques applied to Big Data infrastructures. He has presented his research accomplishments in several conferences and published many scientific papers.

See Marco's Webinars

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