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PowerBuilderTV has had a number of illustrious PowerBuilder developers over the years. In this section, find a list of PowerBuilder experts and the webinars they have presented.

Carmina trabaja en Novalys desde hace varios años y se encarga de las operaciones en América Latina. Carmina es la responsable de Appeon en Novalys y participa frecuentemente en conferencias y presentaciones en dicha área geográfica.

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Chris is a Senior Solutions Architect with over 30 years’ experience. Chris is the owner of “Software Tool & Die Inc.” a company dedicated to provide custom software and education solutions on Object Oriented business systems.    Chris currently sits on the Board of Directors for ISUG-TECH. He is also the President of the Ottawa Sybase User Group. 

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Dave Fish is a Senior Engineering Evangelist at Sybase and has been using PowerBuilder since 1993.

He will discuss PB New features with Yakov Werde, Sybase MVP and TeamSybase Member. 

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Dimitri Joosten

Dimitri is an experienced PowerBuilder Software Developer since 1997. He uses PowerBuilder to build, maintain and modernize business-critical applications. PB allows him to focus on solving business problems in time and budget.

Since PB has become a true .Net language in 2008, Dimitri started developing applications using the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) technology. Since 2011 Dimitri is doing research into ways to make PB applications available anywhere anytime, device or platform independent. 

Dimitri’s now working as an Analyst Programmer for VHG and also manage is own IT-Consulting company.

Dimitri has worked with Peter Loosen for several years as colleagues.

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Dmitry Golubev has 20 years of experience in software engineering with deep knowledge in databases and CASE technologies. He has been working with PowerBuilder since 1996. Dmitry has participated in many software projects implementing various types of information systems: data warehouses, enterprise systems, enterprise resource planning, office automation etc.

In early 2000th Dmitry has started working on his own software platform for rapid application development (currently called CRAFT) based on PowerBuilder. In 2009 Dmitry has founded his own company Binom Soft that specializes in developing enterprise business applications, web-services etc. The Binom Soft company uses primarily the CRAFT software platform to develop customized business applications.

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